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Sunmark Group specializes in the Senior Market, working very closely in assisting these clients in their Estate Planning needs. We find the best value for your investments.

We take pride in our service and commitment to these unique individuals, knowing that we give them the utmost respect and sincerity they deserve while providing them with the best products that fit their financial needs.

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The Sunmark Group started in 1992 focusing in the senior market and has clients across the U.S. We understood that seniors have different requirements. We understood that “one size doesn’t fit all” in the senior market.

Saving and investment products cannot have a high-interest rate and pay high commissions.

“There are only so many nickels in a dollar”.


At Sunmark, we put the needs of our senior clients first and foremost. Commissions and fees are secondary.

The majority of our clients are retired and don’t need high risk products.

From the beginning, our goal is for the senior client to understand exactly what is going on in your account and why—so you understand your portfolio. You may already have good products that fit today’s economy. You may be a long-time or short-term investor. We do not have a cookie-cutter mentality up front. Many of our clients are spouses, widows, and children of a senior with dementia dealing with the investment portfolio for the first time.

For the long term experienced investor, we offer “best in class” products that fix the objective of the investor. The majority of our new investors are pleased with the new products that they were not aware of before we informed them.

Investing in equities, fixed income securities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for equity and blended accounts may fit a senior’s objectives. We keep an open mind for investing in structured products, derivatives, defensive securities, cash, and cash equivalents, CDs, annuities and other assets if they are appropriate for a senior.

Our daily research dictates and confirms the direction of an investment portfolio. We plan ahead and do not have a knee-jerk approach. You get a disciplined investment strategy along with our unique, high-touch client service.

Estate planning for seniors

At Sunmark we help our clients with a review to help determine the best estate plan anticipating and arranging, during a person’s life, the management and disposal of that person’s estate during the person’s life, in the event the person becomes incapacitated and after death.

The planning includes the bequest of assets to heirs and may include a minimizing gift, estate, generation-skipping transfer, and taxes. Estate planning includes planning for incapacity as well as a process of reducing or eliminating uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximizing the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. The ultimate goal of estate planning can only be determined by the specific goals of the estate owner and may be as simple or complex as the owner’s wishes and needs directs. Irrevocable Grantor Trust (Special Needs Trust) with its own Tax ID number can play an important part in avoiding guardianship. Guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries in incapacity by the court. It places control with the court, not with the Trust’s trustee.

Sunmark’s advisors have extensive experience in all US government programs to aid in paying for homecare, assisted living, and nursing home care! Seniors are living longer and as the cost of care increases, every investment dollar along with government dollars become so much more important.

As you are searching for a company you trust, investments you understand and support all in one, Sunmark has the experience and expertise to recommend the best suitable product keeping in mind that a senior is now in a conservative investing position.